Sunday, June 28, 2009

ایران ِ من

Dear Fakhteh,
I wanted to write you an email since last week. I know that things are quiet those days but I know also that everybody is scared about what will happen. I hope that your family and your friends are safe. I am sure that you really worry about the situation. I don't what to tell you to help, just that I was very sad those days and I thought everyday about Iranian people. I went to a demonstration in Paris on sunday. People are sad and upset. I really wish that things will change, that finally they will respect the people.I wish you a lot of courage to face this moment, and the same to Sarah,
Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 5:00 PM


توانا said...

ishun ehtemalan willam sacks nistan?
agar khodesh bashe ke fekr mikonam khodeshe be man ham migoft se ruz gerye mikarde baraye iran un avala:(
rasty miduni nameyeee ke be esmesho nabar neveshte budi dast be dast tu email ha migardeh?
babam dashtan baram tarif mikarda!! goftam uno duste man neveshte:D

imen said...

che ghad bayad khejalat bekeshim ke mamlekatemun unghadr ... shode ke digaran injuri baramun delsuzi mikonan !

سال و مه said...

سلام فاخته جان!
حال کردم با وبلاگت! به خصوص با پست خداحافظی
کجایی دختر؟!